Potable Water

US fire apparatus are equipped with advanced capabilities that go beyond traditional firefighting tasks. One such critical feature is their ability to supply potable water to businesses and healthcare providers during emergencies. These specialized firefighting vehicles are designed to carry substantial quantities of water and have the necessary infrastructure to ensure its safety and purity. In times of crises, such as natural disasters or large-scale emergencies, these fire apparatus can play a vital role in providing essential water resources to maintain the operation of businesses and healthcare facilities. This capability not only aids in firefighting efforts but also supports the broader community by ensuring access to clean and safe water when it's needed most.

Mobile Tanks

Our stainless steel tankers are 3A - Food grade certified, above the NSF 61 potable water standard, so you get the cleanest quality possible. Each tanker can haul 6,500 plus gallons of potable water at a time.

Onsite Tanks and Pumps

We provide large static on-site solutions varying from 2500-10,000 gallon capacity tanks and have an assortment of 2”,3", 4”, and 5" NSF 61 approved transfer pumps and system pumps that feed into a facility water system to meet the pressure demands it needs.

Facility Support

Our experiences over the years helped us create compact packages to support up to 100,000 gallons of potable water to a facility from pick up to onsite to into their pipes.

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