Industrial firefighting engineering consultation

Fittings, Adapters and Accessories

Multitude of fittings and couplings of all sizes available to meet your needs.

12" Stz 3 Lug X 12 in Stz 4 Lug

12" Storz by Hose Shank

12" x FNPT

Adapter 12" x BSP

Cap 12" 4 Lug Storz Cap

12" Storz x 150# Flange

Multi-Lug Hose Adapter

Multi-lug coupling with 12 inch 150lb ANSI flat face flange

Hose Coupling

12” 4 lug Storz hose couplings for 12” fire hose


12”/150 lbs flange x 12” 4 lug Storz fitting

Fitting Recess Cap

12” 4 lug Storz fitting recess cap with bleeder


12” 4 lug Storz cap

Storz Handles

12” Storz spanner wrenches

Guard Rail 90

90 degree elbow with 8" threads for guard rails or pier dock edges

Wye Adapter

12” Aluminum Wye with 12” Storz fittings

Elbow Adapter

12” Storz swivel one end and fixed 12” Storz other end